SDB - Fashion Division

Sharing our experience:

Savino Del Bene is specialized in shipping and distribution of Fashion merchandise from Europe to the United States. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and innovation acquired in over a century, Savino Del Bene has expanded its network in the Far East, South East Asia, India, Japan and South America, creating an experienced dedicated department: the Fashion Division.

 Our integrated service:

Air freight

Ocean Freight

Break Bulk Shipping

Individual & customized standard operating procedures (SOP)

Intermodal Transport


Road Permits and Escorts

Security Procedure

Terminal Operation

Tracking System



Over a century of experience in Fashion worldwide:

Express services

Handcarry services

CARNET ATA services

Pre-clearance Brokerage Service

CITES - Fish & Wildlife Expertise

Garments on Hangers

Labelling and Ticketing

Cross Dock Distribution

Bar Code WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Pick and Pack

Door to Door Service

Security Protection Program

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